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Our Mobile Gameshow in an electronic TV Style Trivia Gameshow that has been used at locations such as Sports Bars, Book Shops, Bowling Centers, Restaurants, Movie Theaters… As well as for events such as: Wedding Rehearsal Dinners, Company Picnics, Holiday Parties, Birthdays… Mobile Gameshow has been Replacing Karaoke as an Exciting Alternative. When you hire Mobile Gameshow for your next event, you will receive: 4 Electronic Booths, All trivia questions customized to your event, as well as Scott Fijolek as your Gameshow Host!

Companies, like restaurants, sports bars, wine tastings, book stores & more) are choosing our TV-Style Trivia Game Show for the following reasons:

  • To Increase Attendance!
  • To give your guests a reason to Stay Longer!
  • To be different than your competitors!
  • To motivate your guests to bring their Friends and Family to your business to participate in the Gameshow!

A Few Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do the trivia rounds last? Each game can run from 10min-25min depending on how “smart & quick” the contestants are. :) DJ Scott usually does 4 “rounds” then he does a “Grand Finale Round” with the 4 winners.

How many contestants participate? Each game has 4 contestants (or 8 contestants in teams of 2).

How are the volunteers chosen? DJ Scott can either “recruit” volunteers when he starts, or you can provide him with a list of names.

How many prizes should I prepare for the winners?: Either you can give DJ Scott money to get the prizes for you (Ex: Restaurant Gift Certificates…) or you can provide DJ Scott with the prizes / gift certificates to hand out to the winners. 5-10 Prizes is typically the norm.

Our Service Area Includes (But Not Limited To) Silverdale, Seattle, Bremerton, Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Millcreek, Woodinville, Port Orchard, Port Townsend, Poulsbo, Federal Way, Kingston, Port Gamble, Edmonds, Shoreline, Puyallup, Ballard, Kitsap, South Sound, Medina, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Redondo, Bainbridge Island, Olympia, Fox Island, Mukilteo, Port Ludlow, Maple Valley, Kent, Bothell, Hansville, Kenmore, Renton, Rollingbay, Dupont, Auburn, Seabeck, Everett, Indianola, Southport, University Place, Keyport, Tracyton, Lynnwood and much more.

The following are our most popular Game Shows. Some of the many different types of trivia questions available to choose from are listed below. Our Trivia Game Shows always come with a back-up system in case of an emergency.

The 3rd Degree™ Trivia Game Show

The 3rd Degree is a Game Show that was previously featured at AMC Movie Theaters as part of their “Weekend Entertainment”. The 3rd Degree is complete with all of the extras that are seen on TV-Style Game Shows, including panels that light up the name of each contestant when they get the correct answer, point trackers, and push down buzzers, all of which are enclosed in a stand-behind booth. The excitement of the 3rd Degree™ is unforgettable. It is memories in the making to see the rush of adrenalin each contestant feels when they are asked a question, the impatient expectation of the audience waiting for a contestant to give the correct answer, and you as the person hosting the event feeling complete satisfaction watching your guests have a ball and listening to the countless number of compliments from them at the end of the event. Be warned though, those who are brave enough to endure The 3rd Degree™ will end up on one of two lists . . .Champ or Chump!

  • Each game can include single team players of 4 or double team players of 8 contestants
  • Approximate time for each round is 20 minutes.


The Mini-G™ Trivia Game Show

Now introducing a Game Show that’s affordable for all budgets. The Mini-G™ includes the same concept of push-down buzzers as featured on The 3rd Degree™ and The Side Show™. Since this Game Show package was designed for those who love trivia but are on a tight budget, it does not include a stand-behind booth or an electronic scoring system. Scoring is kept by a neutral volunteer in the audience or our assistant Game Show Host. Be warned though, those who are brave enough to endure the Mini-G™ Game Show will end up on one of two lists . . . Brain or Birdbrain!

  • Each game can include up to 16 contestants.
  • Approximate time for each round is 20-30 minutes.


The Jeopardy Style Score Board

If you are looking for a broadcast style event that will put the icing on the cake, the Jeopardy Style Scoreboard is the finishing touch for you. The scoreboard is a large vinyl panel similar to the style of the one on Jeopardy. It is sure to be the topic of conversation for months to come after your event.


The 64 Square Flat Mat

Playing chess, checkers or twister will never be the same again once you experience the 64 Square Flat Mat™. Designed and created by the owner of, Scott Fijolek, the 64 Square Flat Mat™ is a 12 foot by 12 foot giant floor mat with 64 squares. Some of the games in high demand are life-size chess, checkers and scrabble, and also created by designer Scott Fijolek are the games Scrambled Squares™, Bubble Math™ and Fool’s Eye™. Experiencing the 64 Square Flat Mat™ will never escape your memory

  • Involves up to 64 people at a time

The “Top 12” Trivia Questions:

  • Sports Trivia (Click For Answer)
  • TV Show trivia (Click For Answer)
  • “Trick Questions” & Mystery Trivia (Click For Answer)
  • Bible Trivia / Youth Group (Click For Answer)
  • Children’s & Disney Trivia (Click For Answer)
  • Trivia For Each Decade (Click For Answer)
  • Holiday Trivia (Click For Answer)
  • Music Trivia (Click For Answer)
  • Movie Trivia (Click For Answer)
  • Educational Trivia (Click For Answer)
  • Miscellaneous Trivia (Click For Answer)
  • The Dating Game & The Married Game

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