Todays wedding was at the Rosewood Room in Bothell. The Gorgeous bride was Jena & the Handsome groom was Michael. The weather could not have been more perfect today. It was an absolutely Beautiful day!

Robin, Kristin & bartender Kelly were all  MAGNIFICENT at the rosewood room. I VERY much enjoyed working with all of them. Kelly was by far one of the best bartenders I have ever worked with. Robin and Kristin were Excellent servers. VERY professional and friendly!!!

The Wedding Officiate was Elaine Way. She performed a ceremony that was elegant, funny & personalized to the Bride & Groom’s love story. I loved it !! (

The catering was prevised by Alexa’s Cafe and the meal was DELISH !!! (Alexa’s Cafe: 425-419-8397)

The photographer was Ashley Geise ( 317-607-4813. Ashley was ALWAYS on top of getting the most perfect photos for Jena & Michael. I was very impressed with Ashley as the Wedding Photographer. She was Professional, Friendly and fun to work with!

For the Grand Introductions, Jena & Michael chose “Happy” by Pharrell for their wedding party and then when I introduced the bride and groom into the room, they requested “I choose you” by Sarah Bareilles.

During the toasts, the best man had me play “I believe I can fly”, which fit in perfectly with his speech. It was very funny! For the cake cutting ceremony, I played “This will be an everlasting love” per their request. They were such a cute couple!! Then after dinner, Jena & Michael did their 1st dance to “Thinking Out Loud”. I love that song

One word to describe the dancing was “Interactive”. Everyone loved the interactive dances. The Cupid Shuffle, The Cha-Cha Slide & SO much more!! There were many very fun songs that the guests requested too, and when I played them, their faces just lit up as they hurried to the dancefloor. Then I played “Ladies Night” by Kool and the gang for the bouquet toss and “Sexyback” by Justin Timberlake for the Garter Removal and toss. The whole evening was ELECTRIC!! Everyone had A LOT of fun. Jena made many of the decorations and they looked Awesome. They also implemented a really cool idea regarding giving away vintage keys for party favors & they also had a “Wishing Well” where the guests could fill out a “Wish”,”Words of Advice”… and drop it into the well for the bride and groom to read later. VERY CREATIVE!!